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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let's keep talking about the infrastructure for cycling

The previous post of this blog > Link: Infrastructure for cycling was not long enough to show to cyclists how the infrastructure can make the way from inner suburbs or villages to the final destination much safer and easier for them. In this particular case I'm talking about riding from home to the train station, which means 3 to 5km (one way). 

Having at least a single straight and segregated lane for cyclists in the inner suburb, makes a lot of difference in terms of safety as they have the option to avoid heavy traffic even near home during any time of the day. 

The following video was taped during my ride on the segregated lane in the inner suburb of Kingsley. So, everybody that live around there can take advantage of this unique lane and go very easily to the train station:

The maps shows where the video starts and finishes

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