spinning the wheels around Perth, Australia

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pedal na Veia at Bike Copenhagen with Mike

This video I taped when I was in Copenhagen last year to enjoy the weekend on the bike. If you have the chance to visit Copenhagen one day, don't miss the Bike Copenhagen with Mike. It's a nice way to do a sightseeing in Copenhagen and learn about the beautiful little mermaid with him. Enjoy the video!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pedal na Veia Encano - Brazil

This video is one of my favorite cycling videos. It was taped by a friend of mine in Blumenau- Brazil, 3 months ago. This fellow actually gave the name to this blog and I'm very thankful of him.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pedal na Veia in Burns Beach

Today, I'm going to show you on this post another amazing route that I did. I left home on Easter Sunday around 9am then I rode 27Km towards north until I get in Burns Beach, which marks one end of a coastal nature walk extending to Fremantle. I put this on google and I got a route of 45Km from one end to another. I will do this complete route one day, perhaps. For now, I leave you a video that was taped with my Drift HD camera. Enjoy the ride!

A pedestrian bridge over crossing the Mitchel Freeway

The route of this ride

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let's keep talking about the infrastructure for cycling

The previous post of this blog > Link: Infrastructure for cycling was not long enough to show to cyclists how the infrastructure can make the way from inner suburbs or villages to the final destination much safer and easier for them. In this particular case I'm talking about riding from home to the train station, which means 3 to 5km (one way). 

Having at least a single straight and segregated lane for cyclists in the inner suburb, makes a lot of difference in terms of safety as they have the option to avoid heavy traffic even near home during any time of the day. 

The following video was taped during my ride on the segregated lane in the inner suburb of Kingsley. So, everybody that live around there can take advantage of this unique lane and go very easily to the train station:

The maps shows where the video starts and finishes

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Infrastructure for cycling

This video shows how to create a great infrastructure to everyone, those who want to ride to the station then catch a train or bus, those who want to walk or even drive less. There are two free bicycle shelter, access ramp and change room. Some of the main matters for me are how to get there, how safe is the way, how handy for people. How far away do cyclists live from the station? How attractive is that for them? Share your thoughts if you like.....